Le Festival francophone

 The 2017 Francophone Festival

2017 FESTIVAL RESULTS are here.  To see them, please open the link below.

2017 Festival francophone-Results

 Several years ago, The North Texas American Association of French Teachers began its annual Fête Française event, which allowed all high school students of French to compete against their peers in academic and non-academic events. The Fête has transformed itself into a Festival to celebrate Francophonie. Today our chapter invites you to join us at the Festival Francophone 2017 hosted at Dallas International School. Competition categories include poetry, prose, sight reading, drama, music, dance and art. Several events have been included to encourage students to learn more about francophone cultures—and simply to have fun in realizing that there are lots of students enthusiastic about learning French in North Texas and the state of Texas.


Please make sure to read the following documents, including the Invitation Letter with details about the new concept of the event, Participation Rules, How To Create An Account, Criteria for Enrollment, Code of Conduct, and How To Print Your Students’ Schedules.

NT AATF-2017 Festival francophone Invitation

Particpation Rules Festival Francophone 2017

How to create an account and register students for Festival

Event Criteria and Rules Festival 2017


Printing Students schedules


Click on the Event Registration button below and you will be able to access or create an account, find resources (passages), other important information and register your students. Once your account is activated you will gain access to the enrollment system and several reports to facilitate your day at the Festival Francophone. If you need assistance contact us at fete@ntaatf.org. If you are a teacher bringing students to the Festival Francophone, please register using your teacher email and password, and make sure to also sign up as a judge.

Please continue to the Event Registration system to find Instructions, Passages, Event Venue Maps and other Important Documents.

Event Registration


The Festival relies heavily on volunteers from the community to make each year’s competition possible. Judges work in shifts on Saturday morning, and/or Saturday afternoon. Judges are needed for beginner to advanced levels in all areas from academic to artistic. First-time judges will be provided with an orientation by the Festival Francophone judge coordinator prior to judging their first event. In addition, all judges are eligible for a certificate of professional growth & development or volunteer community service hours. Certificates will be available for the Festival Francophone (a template will be emailed to participating schools) afterwards.

Finally, while at the Festival Francophone, all judges are provided with complimentary coffee, water, snacks, and informal lunch or breakfast.

Judging is a great opportunity for networking and camaraderie with fellow French-speakers. Please join us for the 2017 Festival Francophone by signing up and registering for the events you would like to judge. Click on Event Registration button above and you will be able to sign up for an account. Once your account is activated you will gain access to the enrollment system and tools to facilitate your day at the Festival Francophone. If you need assistance contact us at fetejudge@ntaatf.org