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Activités pour la classe de français

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From Lisa Arth ( – Tarrant County College District) — April 2015
Service Learning opportunities in DFW

“Here is the information about the Service Learning that I have done:
1. Preliminary research and ideas:
research African Francophone Nations / Culture , family life , or daily living – see rubric “Preliminary Service Learning” and write in simple English (how you would explain) an American Cultural point, or common expression .
Also, write the explanation in French too.
2. Attendance:
Attend at least one , 2 hour session with the ESOL class of Francophone immigrants
LOCATION: First United Methodist Church
521 West Pipeline Road, Hurst, TX ‎
( I usually offer two dates throughout the semester for them to have an option)
3. Reflection essay :
Complete a reflection essay / based on the guided questions from the attached rubric “SLP Reflection”

I only give this 5% of the total grade for the semester, and if someone is not able to attend for work or family reasons, I offer a make-up sessions with either me or a native French Speaker tutor on campus.

I have really seen how the students are encouraged and motivated to work harder on their French Studies when they do actually have a chance to use the language.  Also,  at the end of the ESOL session they are given about 20 minutes to speak French with their new francophone friend:)

I hope this inspires some others to try the Service Learning!”